The crocodile entered the field, laughing and killing the players


Bengali Hunt Desk: Literally cut the canal and bring the crocodile! Of course no one had to be brought in, the crocodile himself appeared at the Florida football training ground! Toronto FC footballers saw a tall crocodile in the field just before the start of practice on Monday. However, nothing terrible happened. On the other hand, the players of the Canadian football team laughed when they saw the crocodile.

Toronto had a match against Cruz Owl FC of Mexico in the quarter-finals of the CONCACAF Champions League on 28 July. The announcement was made by the Mexican government. The government of that country has banned the entry of any person from outside. That is why this match was organized in the United States. This happened just before that match.

Footage from social media shows footballers in Toronto standing at a safe distance, taking pictures with the crocodile and shouting. Then a golf cart tried to break the crocodile. When the crocodile sighed, the footballers panicked, albeit for a short time. They quickly took over and laughed. The Toronto FC jokingly tweeted, “Toronto FC has agreed to the terms of the loan with that alligator for a very short time.” The agreement has been completed by our GAM.

Although crocodiles, alligators and alligators may look alike in general, they belong to different classes in biological terms. The crocodile’s face is round near the tip. However, it is a little difficult to separate the alligator and the crocodile. Externally, the crocodile’s head is slender and long. The alligator’s face is very English U-shaped and the crocodile’s face is English V-shaped. The crocodile’s upper and lower jaws are one in width and the lower jaw teeth are above the upper jaw teeth while the mouth is closed. As a result, the teeth can be seen in that condition. Alligator does not have this feature.