The Danish government decided to kill 16 million mink

The mink is a species of otter. Its body fur is very fine. This animal is kept in different countries of the world because of its fur. But 6 mutants of a corona are found in his body So the Danish government (Denmark) decided to kill 16 million mink to free the inhabitants from the hands of the corona.

Symbolic image: mink

This sweet animal is also cultivated in Denmark for its excellent fur. Many mink live there naturally. According to the Prime Minister of Denmark, a mutated form of corona has been found in the body of this animal. It has already been found to be infected in the human body. So the government has to take this decision in the interest of the citizens of the country and the world.

Along with the police and home guards, the army will also be involved in the massacre. Corona has already been found in the bodies of 12 people working on the mink farm. Earlier, millions of mink were killed in the Netherlands due to corona. They were killed with poison gas. Hundreds of thousands of mink died in Spain as Corona tested positive.

Let me inform you, the second wave of Corona has already started in different countries of Europe. Lockdowns have also been announced in several European countries, including Germany and England. Denmark is also on this list. There have also been reports of new corona infections in Denmark. Prime Minister Matt Fredericksen has hinted that new lockdowns could be announced in several parts of northern Denmark.