The day laborers of Chandnanagar, who were spending the day without lockdown, stood beside Ishan burned.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown across the country to deal with Corona. In some of these situations, however, the daily laborers who have to work daily because of the lockdown have no work in the market. Because of this, almost three hundred people in Chandanagar had to spend the day without eating. Ishaan Porrell, a member of the Indian cricket team that won the World Cup, stood beside them in this situation.

This pacer's home is in Chandan Nagar. So he spent the day watching them from the smallest. That is why Ishan burned down beside them in the present day, that is, their day of danger. Ishan Porel is responsible for delivering daily necessities like rice, pulses, potatoes, onions, etc. to about 300 poor poor people living in the adjoining areas of his home.

Ishan Porel said, first of all coupons will be given coupons and then everyone will go home and provide rice and pulses. Eshan said all of this would be done in accordance with government regulations. Ishaan said that it is not possible to do this whole thing alone, so he has sought help from the local club in this regard.

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