The decision of the Government of India to invest in foreign countries is necessary, said Minister of Commerce and Industry

BanglaHunt Desk: In the Corona crisis, the Indian government took a big step on foreign investment. At a meeting on Saturday from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, it was informed that no person or company in the borders of India can invest in India without the permission of the government. In this regard, they said, “If any Indian border-bound country wants to invest in this country, it is mandatory to get permission from the government.” According to sources, the Indian government has taken this step, especially keeping in mind the Chinese.

The world is in trouble now because of China's corona virus. India is no exception to him. So in this crisis, the Government of India took a big step. If a person or a company from any country in the Indian territory of India wants to invest in India, must obtain the permission of the Government of India. This is not possible without the permission of the Government of India.

In India, there are two rules for foreign companies in the country. One is the automated method by which any foreign company can invest in India. No need for a separate government permit for him. For this method, any person of any foreign company except Pakistan and Bangladesh could invest in India.

In the case of the other approach, India needs the consent of the Indian government to invest in India. The government's permission to invest in foreign investment is mandatory, especially in such other areas as defense, telecom and medicine. Until now Pakistan and Bangladesh were the only ones to fall under this rule. But from now on, the same rules may apply to China. In order to invest in India, then the Chinese government will have to get the Indian government's permission.

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