The Delhi government has increased the price of liquor by 70%, two things will be done to increase income and crowd control


BanglaHunt Desk: The picture of chaos was clear only yesterday when the liquor store was opened. It was as if he was waiting to jump. After that, the drunken citizens practically jumped. The reckless behavior of the people to collect the intoxicants that have not been matched in the lockdown so far was eye-catching. Somewhere Thikthi had to be beaten by the police, somewhere the liquor store had to be closed. Somewhere again people started making good bets with the joy of drinking alcohol. In this situation, the Delhi government decided to increase the price of alcohol. In Eklafe, the price was increased by 70 percent in the capital.

Alcohol prices were increased by 60 percent

Today, from Tuesday, this additional 80 percent 'special corona fee' is being imposed on the price of alcohol. This is expected to reduce the crowd a little. With that, the revenue of the government will increase. It is learned that this fee is being levied on the MRP of liquor. In other words, the price of the liquor is written as 1000 rupees, this time it will be sold at 1800 rupees.

That's why the economy has been hit hard by the Corona and Lockdown. In this situation, the additional revenue of the excise department, even if a little, can bring tide in the economy. That is why the decision to increase the price was taken at the cabinet meeting of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The government increased the price of liquor for profit

It is learned that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is worried about the condition of liquor shops on Monday. The Delhi government had laid down many conditions for opening other shops, including liquor. But in the case of alcohol, the buyers did not want to accept any condition. The line on the body can be seen today. Kejriwal announced that the Delhi government would be forced to withdraw the lockdown exemption if the rules were not followed.

Why the price is increased

The third phase of lockdown has started in India since Monday. The Center informed the states that discounts could be given in multiple cases within the lockdown at this time. It also has a liquor store. About 40 days later the liquor store opened. It was immediately seen that hundreds of people had gathered in one shop without caring about the social distance. This picture has been seen not only in Delhi, but in many cities of the country. Kolkata and other cities of Bengal are not left out.

Liquor stores in the Red, Orange and Green zones outside the containment zone could be opened from Monday, according to a directive from the Union Home Ministry. However, no shopping complex, only one-stop shops can be opened. At the same time it was said that buyers have to line up there. The distance between the two buyers should be at least two yards or six feet.