The demand for Coronil is at its peak, millions of people are looking for Patanjali's medicine – Baba Ramdev


BanglaHunt Desk: Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda has invented a drug called coronil to protect against corona epidemic. He claimed that the corona virus would be eradicated with the application of this drug. But the Union Ministry of AYUSH first banned the sale of these drugs.

Coronil controversy

Although the drug was later approved by the market after various tests, it was not approved as an effective antidote to corona, but as an anti-inflammatory drug. However, there was a lot of controversy about this coronel of Baba Ramdev.

The demand for coronal is huge

Last Wednesday, Baba Ramdev participated in a video conference called 'Atma Nirvar Bharat – Local for Vocal' organized by industry body Aschain. He presented his speech on this occasion. At the same time, he said, ‘The demand for Coronil, a drug manufactured by this Haridwar-based company, is increasing day by day. The demand for about 10 lakh packets is coming every day. But at present we are only able to meet the demand of 1 lakh packets.

Even if I set the price too high, I would get it

Ramdev further said, ‘The price of Ayurveda Coronil has been fixed at only Rs.500. However, in the era of this corona epidemic, if we had demanded Rs 5,000 for this drug, we would have got it easily. But we didn't do that. “