The demand for free cultivation of chemical fertilizers is increasing, many farmers are earning millions


Bhanwar Singh, who was born into a peasant family. He came to Jaipur about 4 years ago. Here he started a real estate business with the help of one man and it turned out well. With this business, he greatly strengthened his family and family position.

He explained, “My grandfather used to do farming in the village, and my father got a small job at a buying and selling cooperative. It was the expense of our family. Although not working in the beginning, I had to move on to agriculture and I had to come to real estate. “

He started by building a green house on his roof and today he is near Jaipur. Bigha has established a model firm for chemical free balanced farming in the land. Bhanwar Singh did not have to do chemical farming. He tried again and again, working on the soil and had no success. For nutrients, he developed other methods such as biochemistry, vermicompost and so on. He has been making vegetables in three years in organic and healthy ways.

He got the job of preparing an organic and natural forest on a thousand bighas of land from a big businessman in Jaipur. Here he was getting about one and a half lakh rupees a month for his work. However, Bhanwar Singh was not satisfied.

. Traders will also complete this task by a specialist. But farmers need someone who understands their problems and then explains and supports them. After that, he quit his job and started farming himself and decided to get other farmers involved in organic. Through Facebook he invited farmers across the country to provide balanced training on his farm. About 1200 farmers came here for this two-day training. Now there are twenty-two godowns, where there are broccoli, cabbage, coriander, luau, loafa, pasta, tomato, papaya and guava plant which are producing good produce.

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