The desert city is shaking Gayle's wife, extreme viral Natasha hot clothes

Bangla Hunt Desk: This time Kings XI Punjab has not done very well in IPL. Punjab was at the very end of the points table. However, Chris Gayle has already returned to the Punjab team in a few matches and the fate of Punjab seems to have returned as soon as Gayle returned to the team. After Gayle's return to the team, Punjab scored a hat-trick of victories. Universe boss has made the IPL drunk after returning to the team. Gayle scored a great half century in the first match.

On the one hand, Gayle has intoxicated the IPL, on the other hand, Gayle's wife Natasha has intoxicated the desert city. Several pictures of Gayle's wife Natasha in the desert town have been circulating on social media.

Chris Gayle and Natasha Berries tied the knot in 2016 after a long relationship. Natasha Berries is a fashion designer by profession. Natasha has her own fashion designing company. Gayle and his wife Natasha were seen doing a photoshoot for almost a day to promote the company.

Now Gayle is busy playing IPL in Dubai. Gayle's wife Natasha is enjoying a holiday in this desert city. Doing photoshoot as you wish. In the meantime, some of Natasha's hot photos have gone viral on social media, much to the amazement of Gayle fans. All these photos of Natasha show how much she is actually a stylist.