The director of Adipurush played the lead role in this film 30 years ago, was seen with Irrfan Khan


Adipurush Movie: आदिपुरुष के डायरेक्टर ने 30 साल पहले इस फिल्म में निभाया था लीड रोल, इरफान खान संग आए थे नजर

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Director Om Raut: Bollywood director Om Raut Coming soon with his new film. The film, starring Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, is already getting tremendous response from the fans. The film has been made on the backdrop of Ramayana. in this movie Saif Ali Khan Main is in the role of villain. Director Om Raut is in headlines because of the film. Although Om Raut has not directed many films till now, but he has acted about 30 years ago.

Special films have always been made for children in Bollywood, which are called children’s films. Director Amol Gupte has made such films in the past. But such films have been made even in the 80s and 90s. Films like Makdee, Gattu, The Blue Umbrella, Chillad Party, I Am Kalam, Stanley Ka Dibba, Hawa Hawai, Kitab and Dhoomketu are included. In this list there is also a name of Karamati Kot.

This film was released in the year 1993. In this, it was shown how helpless and destitute children were made to do the work of picking up junk and they were exploited. Irfan Khan, who played the role of Jaggu in the film, used to do the work of exploitation.

His role in the film was that of a ruthless man who had no sympathy for the children and forced them to work. He used to torture them for not working. Om Raut played the role of a child named Raju in this film.

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Om Raut was in the role of a child in the film who is very lonely and has no purpose in his life. He gets very tired of facing the harassment of the family members and one day leaves the house. He somehow makes his living by picking up the garbage and its owner is Jaggu.

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Where can you watch this movie?

The film was very emotional and through this a big issue related to the future of the country’s children was raised. It was directed by Ajay Karthik. In this, Arun Bali, Manohar Singh, Vikram Acharya, Prachi Bhave, Surekha Sikri and Virendra Saxena played important roles. Its music was given by Vanraj Bhatia. If you are interested in children’s films, then you can watch this film by going to Prime Video.

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