The doctor could not go to his father for a lonely, viral-eyed video


BanglaHunt Desk: Doctors are playing a leading role in liberating the world from the corona virus (covid 19). Day after day their families are being separated from fear of infection. The social media has gone viral with a touching video of a doctor and his daughter. This eye-catching video has gone viral as social media spread on Twitter. Captioned the video, This has made me real sad (It made me really sad)

In the video, a little girl is walking to the door of her house. His father, he is wearing a mask, over the glass door. Dad sat down and shook his hand from the door. The girl tried to open the door and started screaming as she couldn't. He was shouting to go to his father. The father could only love his daughter through the Flying Kiss

Watch this emotional video of the water netizens in the eye. In a moment, there was a flood of comments. Almost every one of them could not separate himself from the pain of father and daughter. As one netizen rightly remarked, such emotions are hard to explain in words (impossible to explain in this emotion word)

The Corona virus has taken the form of pandemics around the world at the moment. This video is a perfect example of how doctors are struggling from afar, endangering their own safety. Which will also bring water to your eyes.

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