The dog flushed himself using the toilet, the video is going viral on social media


Bangla Hunt Desk: We all know that Sarmey is a devotee of the Lord, but if they are given a little training, they also become very intelligent. Such an intelligent Sarmeyer video is going viral on social media. There is a sarmaye seen urinating on the commode using the toilet. After urinating, he automatically closes the lid of the commode and flushes it. Everyone is liking this video of Sarmey which went viral on social media.

Everyone is also surprised to see another viral video on social media. Actually we are used to seeing dogs eating fish, but such incidents are really rare. The video even shows the dog saving the life of the fish. This video is rapidly going viral on social media. And everyone is watching this video and commenting like themselves.

We know the dog as the greatest and most faithful friend of man. Dogs protect their master's home from thieves and robbers. They always come forward to save the life of the boss. We have seen many times that the dog gave his life to save the life of the owner. Dogs are even jumping into the water to save their drowning boss. But today we first saw the incident of the dog saving the fish.

Also read: The deer is running happily on the water. The whole world is amazed to see the viral video. Is it at all possible to run or walk on water like this? Research is going on now with that. However, it goes without saying that this viral video has caught the eye of millions of people. According to many, they have never seen such a video yet.

The ten-second viral video shows a special American species of deer (moose) running freely in the river. A speed boat is passing by him, and the deer has matched the speed with that speed boat. At first the deer was on the right side of the speed boat, then the deer overtook the speed boat and went to the left. Everyone fell asleep watching this viral video on social media.