The dreaded animal pounced on the goat, swallowed it alive; video viral


खूंखार जानवर ने बकरी पर मारा झपट्टा, जिंदा ही निगल गया; वीडियो वायरल

Komodo dragon swallows prey alive

Komodo Dragon Attack Video: You must have seen lizard. They are very small in size, but do you know by what name the largest lizard living on earth is known? Him komodo dragon It is said to be 10 feet long and can weigh 150 pounds or more. Crocodile Like them they are huge and dangerous. So dangerous that even a large animal like a deer and a goat can be easily swallowed. One such on social media nowadays video viral It is happening, seeing which people’s hair is standing up.

Actually, in this video, a Komodo dragon is seen hunting a goat and swallowing it. In the video you can see that Komodo was ambushing the prey by hiding behind a small stone. He was keeping his eyes fixed on the goat eating grass. Meanwhile, he comes towards the goat running fast and till she could understand something, Komodo makes her its prey. He grips the goat with his big jaw in such a way that it becomes difficult to get rid of it. Then in a short while he swallows the goat whole. It took only 30 seconds for Komodo to hunt the goat and swallow it.

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Watch this video of hunting

This hair-raising video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @TerrifyingNatur. So far this video of just 32 seconds has been viewed more than 11 million i.e. 1.1 crore times, while more than 46 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, seeing this scene of Komodo’s hunting, people have also given different reactions. Some are saying that Komodos are very fast hunters, while some are saying that they are as dangerous as dinosaurs, who swallow their prey in a jiffy.

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