The eagle struck the goat from the top of the hill, a viral video

viral video: Eagle is a very powerful bird. There is no pair to hunt You've probably heard a lot of stories about its speed and vision, but have you ever seen an eagle hunt a goat, if you haven't seen it, there's a video for you. By watching this viral video, you will get an idea about the power of the eagle.

In this viral video, a golden eagle pulls a goat from the top of a mountain and flies it into the air, then throws the goat with a rock several times. After a while he throws the victim into the ditch to confirm death. Although the eagle's favorite prey is a rat and a rabbit, netizens have been amazed at the eagle's power after watching this video of a goat being killed.

This stunning video has been shared on a Facebook page called Nature is Fear. The caption says that a golden eagle is dragging a goat from a hill and killing it. This 15-second video has been viewed more than 600,000 times since it was written.

The comment box of the viral video is flooded with likes and comments. Many of them have commented on the power of the eagle. Many have again said that this video is tragic and horrible.