The East Bengal coach is going to be at the door of FIFA this time due to not paying proper remuneration.


Before the end of the season, East Bengal Investor Quest has broken the contract with the East Bengal footballers. That's why Koyes did not pay the footballers properly. This is the allegation that several East Bengal footballers, including East Bengal coach Mario Rivera, are going to be directly approached by FIFA this season. It is learned that the former East Bengal coach Mario Rivera has already given a long letter to the East Bengal team management. Mario Rivera said he would approach FIFA if he did not receive a good reply to the letter.

Not only East Bengal coach Mario Rivera, but also a number of other East Bengal footballers are going to approach FIFA, the world's top governing body.

East Bengal coaches and footballers claim we had a contract with East Bengal till 31st May. But before that, Sanjit Sen, CEO of East Bengal Investors, informed us by email that they wanted to break the agreement with us on April 30. That is why we were not paid in May. That's why they are going to be at the door of FIFA this time.