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Banglahunt Desk: Chanakya is one of the great and wise men in the history of India. Together he was a consultant, teacher, philosopher and economist. From his time till now his advice and principles have greatly helped people in their daily life. Chanakya's book 'Chanakya Principle' and 'Economics' are equally important in contemporary society and economics.
Chanakya has written several admonitions on his consciousness policy. According to him, if friends are quick to do harm, they are more harmful than enemies. Know that according to the Chanakya principle, these allied enemies will –
It is better to avoid those who praise and condemn in front. Because they talk sweetly in front and knife from behind.

One should not rely on eyes closed or confidential. Because if the relationship is bad, they can expose these secrets.
You should always choose your own friends. The rich do not lack friends and the poor do not have friends. Because everyone is rich friends will benefit from it. One should stay away from such friends.
Those who are in the royal court and cremation are real friends. That is, those who do not give up even in times of distress are the only ones who can become real friends.
Friendship is never possible between people with the opposite mindset. The gentleman and the wicked can never be friends.

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