The engineer has caused a stir in the net neighborhood by getting digitally married in lockdown


Banglahant Desk: ‘Mina Bibi Razi To Kayya Karega Kazi’ This proverb has been in Hindi for a long time. But if the husband and wife agree, Kazi will not be able to prevent the marriage even if the world is far away, IITian Abinash proved. The Prime Minister's 'Stay at Home' petition has gone one step further with 'Wedding at Home'.

Rahul Trivedi, a friend of Abinash's, tweeted a picture of the wedding and claimed that it was the first digital wedding in the country. Kirti's parents from Bareilly and Abinash's parents from Satna were involved. Panditji recited the marriage mantra from Maharashtra. In turn, 200 people from 10 countries attended the wedding. The whole marriage was done through video call.

It is learned that Abinash is a resident of Satna in Madhya Pradesh, working in IITIAN and a multinational company in Ghaziabad. He himself decided to marry Kirti, a resident of Berili who works in a multinational company. Abinash and Kerti did not object to a wealthy family. But do not exclude. Nothing was possible in the lockdown that took effect due to corona infection. In such a situation, he thinks of this unique marriage idea.

Rahul Trivedi posted about this digital marriage of IITI on Twitter and said that by doing so, Abinash not only opened the way for digital marriage for the people of the country, but also set an example.

The third phase of the lockdown is starting from 4th May and will continue till 16th May. This time the lockdown was not issued by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued detailed guidelines