The family could not afford to pay the college fees, the first being the daughter of a worker in university


BanglaHunt Desk: The daughter of a worker proved once again that her intense passion for education does not mean any obstacle. Suffering from severe financial hardship, his family could not afford to pay college fees. That girl got the highest number in the university and became the first place holder.

Although the student named Payal Kumari is currently a resident of Kerala, they are originally from Bihar. Many years ago, Pawel's father left Bihar to earn a living. Although she worked as a laborer in Kerala, she could not afford to educate her daughter. This girl is the first place holder of Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala. He has expressed his desire to serve the country by working in the civil service in the future.

In the BA Department of Archeology at Payal University
Got top number. Pawel's father started living in Kerala from Bihar about two decades ago. It would also be a big challenge for working families to pay the annual college fee of Rs 3,000. However, with the help of teachers and others, this obstacle did not disrupt Pawel's life. Payal, a student at Marathoma Women's College in Perumbabur, near Kochi, scored 85 percent this year in archeology.

Payal Kumari's father Promod Kumar is originally from Sekupura district of Bihar. Promod moved to Kerala with his family 19 years ago and started living there permanently. Promod has three children, including Payal. Payal praised his history teacher for submitting his first-year fees. In Pawel's words, I did a good test but I didn't expect to get a rank. My parents have always encouraged me.

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