The farmer who was wasting the crop without getting the price, got 10 times the price under the control of the new agricultural bill


Banglahant Desk: While most of the farmers in the country are protesting for the repeal of the proposed agricultural bill, a farmer in Bihar has got the best price for his crop under the new agricultural law. Om Prakash Yadav, a farmer from Maktapur village in Bihar's Samatipur district, has benefited from the new agriculture law.

The incident took place at Maktapur village in Samatipur district of Bihar. Farmer Om Prakash Yadav had to sell this vegetable at a very low price as the market was bad after cultivating the winter crop cauliflower. He was selling at about 1 rupees per kg. There was a situation when he decided to destroy the cauliflower by driving a tractor all over the land.

On learning of the incident, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad called the Common Service Center under the new Agriculture Act and asked the farmers to make arrangements to sell their produce in other states at a fair price. This created a digital platform for farmers to sell their crops. There, a buyer from Delhi, farmer Om Prakash, offered to buy Yadav's crop at 10 times the price.

In other words, the farmer who had to sell the crop at Tk 1 per kg a few days ago, is now offered to sell it at Tk 10 per kg. After that the farmer agreed to the buyer's proposal and the advance money reached his account. Then cauliflower was sent to Delhi.