The fatal ulum of the corona virus issued fatwa, treatment should be done without hiding the disease


Banglahunt Desk: A fatwa has been issued by Darul Ulum Lucknow on behalf of the Corona virus (COVID-19). Where it is said, all the tests and treatment of the corona virus should be done. Hiding this disease is a great crime. In Islam, it is a very bad thing to endanger one's life or one's life. The Qur'an states that if a person can save the life of another person, then he is said to have saved the lives of all mankind.

Depending on the matter, Maulana Khalid Rasid said, “No one can hide the corona virus.” It is not right to hide this disease. Protect yourself from danger and let others live. Alla Qur'an says, “If a person saves another person's life, then it is believed that he has saved the whole human race. That is why if a person is infected with the corona virus, he needs treatment. Otherwise, he will become ill himself, and with him, others will bring illness.

It is a religious offense to put someone else in danger. It falls into one type of deception. And deceiving people is against Islam. That's why hiding the corona virus is a big crime. This time the doctors should listen.

In the Qur'an Allah says, Do not blame yourself. Whoever commits a crime can also push the whole world into darkness. These fatas prove that if someone is infected with the corona virus, get treatment soon. Keep yourself healthy and keep others healthy.

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