The father broke the arm and went to bed. The girl took the helm of the world by handing out papers


BanglaHunt Desk: A few days before the lockdown, my father broke his arm. That is why the college girl has taken the helm of the world. I got up in the morning, ferried the paper and went back home to study. The 19-year-old Sunetra is handling everything like a decapod. Of course there is also mother Nita Devi. Mother and daughter have kept the yoke of the world by selling newspapers every day.

Shaibal Dutta, a resident of Bakultala, Morpukur, Rishra. He is a newspaper hawker by profession. He has a wife and only daughter in a small family. A few days before the lockdown was announced, he suddenly fell in the bathroom and broke his arm. Since then, Sunetra has taken the responsibility of her father's work on her shoulders.

The struggle of Sunetra and Nita Devi starts at 5 am every day. One kilometer away from the house, go to Rishra station or a little further, take the newspaper from GT Road and then deliver the paper to the house at Morpukur, Panchanantala. The two of them distributed about 125 papers every day.

On the way back to Sunetra's house with the paper, it was 8 o'clock in the morning. Back home, he takes off his mask and gloves and sits down to take online classes. She is a first year student of a polytechnic college in Howrah. Online classes are running even though there are college holidays. Earlier, Sunetra had handled this task during her father's illness in class XI and XII.
In the words of Sunetra, “Many people think that I hand out papers means I have dropped out of school. Why can't you manage your studies? ” Mother Nitadevi said, “After breaking my husband's hand, I decided I would handle the work. The girl also accompanied. He also helps me with my housework when I return home. ” In the words of the grateful Shaibal Babu, girls can do everything honestly.