The father of this cricketer told Yuvraj that you have almost ended my son's career.


Left-arm Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh K was sledged by England cricketer Andrew Flintoff during a match between India and England in the T20 World Cup. As a result, Yuvraj Singh was very upset at that time. Which had an impact on Stuart Broad who came to bowl in the next over. Yuvraj Singh hit six huge sixes off six balls in that over by Stuart Broad. The next day, Stuart Broad's father went to the prince and said, “You've almost ended my son's career.”

Explaining the reason, Yuvraj Singh said that a few days before that match between India and England, I had hit five sixes to Dmitry Mascarenhas. “I first looked at Freddie and then at Mascarenhas after Stuart Broad hit six sixes in that over,” Yubi said. Mascarenhas was smiling at me at the time.

The day after that match, Stuart Broad's father Chris Broad went to meet Yuvraj Singh. He said if you end my son's career, you have to write something for me on this jersey. “I wrote 'All the Best' thinking about the future of England cricket,” Yuvraj said.