The father worked in a coal mine, the son dropped out of government school and became a DSP


A boy living in a village in Jharkhand where electricity has not reached for 70 years. His father worked in a coal mine. She never got a good school for reading and writing. That boy has become a DSP today. The boy's name is Kishore Kumar Razak. Who is a resident of Bokaro, Jharkhand.

Like a normal child born into a poor Dalit family, he also had a childhood. He lived in a village where no one has ever held a government job. The son of this village who has become DSP. Let's find out now

The teenager was born into a poor family, he spent his entire childhood struggling. The family did not have much land or the family did not have enough money to go to Delhi or Mumbai to find employment there. His father worked in a coal mine in Dhanbad. The teenager was sent to a government school in the village to study. The teenager was encouraged by his family to study and get a government job. His father used to say, my son will be a collector.

Besides studying, the teenager also used to do agriculture. In the evenings the cows rode the goats, but had more fun with the village kids. Today, when he has become a government employee, it has become an inspiration for everyone.

He passed tenth and twelfth and graduated in history. He also failed in his third year during graduation, but he did not give up and started preparing for UP SC, started asking for money from relatives and started preparing to come to Delhi. Here he began educating the children of the landlord of the house where he studied. After which more children started coming. With this he started earning a lot.

He took the UPSC exam in 2011 and then became Assistant Commandant on the first try. He was later elected DSP. This is how he has inspired everyone today. He has set an example to all that success can be achieved even by studying in poverty.