The Federation announced this season the iLeague champion Mohanbagan.


Corona virus is spreading throughout the world as well as in India right now. And the Corona virus has had the most impact on sports. That is why all kinds of football have been suspended in the current season by the All India Football Federation. On Saturday, league committees have called for the AIFF to suspend all sorts of football, as well as demanding that Mohanbagan be crowned this year's iLig.

League committee officials met with AIFF executives on Saturday to discuss the future of all suspended football leagues in the country. At that meeting, league committee officials acknowledged that no other football match could be possible this season for the maroon virus coroner, which is why they demanded the AIFF to end the current season.

Ileague was suspended midway this year due to the Corona virus. But by the time the iLig was suspended, Mohanbagan had gone far beyond the other parties. They made sure that Ileague had 39 points in 16 matches before Ileague was suspended. And that is why they demanded the AIFF at the committee meeting that Mohanbagan should be made the Ileague Champion this season.

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