The female artist changed her clothes while dancing! Netizens are shocked to see the viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Viral video is now at the top of the list of entertainment on social media. Whether at work or at leisure, netizens with mobile phones in their hands are the first to see the viral video. Day by day viral videos seem to be becoming a daily companion to people.

From humans to nature, to animals – everything from fun to emotional videos can be seen on this platform. But today I will discuss a viral video, where there is magic with talent.

Let’s take a look at the viral video first.


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Looking at the video, it looks like a scene from a dance show. Where several people are sitting in the audience seats and two dancers are getting ready to perform their dance. Usually we see that when two people come to dance together, their clothes and decorations are almost the same. But here there was a discrepancy in the color of the dress of the female dance partner with the male partner. Not only that, the caption of the video also shows that the woman is wearing the wrong clothes.

After explaining to their partner, they started dancing in the wrong clothes. Everyone is watching their dance performance attentively. Suddenly the female artist changed her clothes. The color of the dress of the male artist became the color of the dress of the female artist. Before anyone could understand anything, the female dancer magically changed the color of her clothes. This funny magic video has gone viral on social media.