The field that turns into a meeting place on the day of the holy Baisakh, is now digging the field, of bad ground.


Every year, different clubs of Maidan perform their puja on Baisakh day. This tradition has been going on in Maidan for a long time, but because of the Corona virus this year, the long tradition of Maidan has been severed, which means that the Barozo tradition did not occur on Maidan on the first day of Baisakh due to the Corona virus.

On the day of the first Baisakh, the captain of the upcoming season was worshiped repeatedly, wishing the team a full year's success. On this holy day of Baisakh, Maidan rises and fills the East Bengal and Mohanbagan football fans. But this year, there was another picture seen on the ground.

The field that turned into a meeting place on the day of this holy Baishakh, was in front of the field. There was no football owner, no football player or even a football fan on the field. It is to be noted that the lockdown is going on all over the country in the wake of the Corona virus, so this time it was decided by the two heads of Kolkata to suspend Pujo this time.

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