The fight against Corona is weakening due to politics: Yogi Adityanath


Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (Yogi Aditwanath) Opposition parties are listening to various things for the sake of interests. Corona went down last month to handle the situation and that lock down is still going on. No one knows when everything will be normal. He talked a lot about returning migrant workers home during the lockdown.

Modi announces new plan

He said that for the first time during the disaster, the Prime Minister announced a major relief package under the Poor Welfare Scheme. For the welfare scheme of the poor and women, this money is reaching the account of the poor but the people of other groups are upset. He also said that even in this bad situation, there are many people who are still not reluctant to do politics. They should stay together and help everyone during this time.

The assurance of the yogi

Yogi assured that the government is doing everything possible to ensure the safe return of 23 crore people of Uttar Pradesh and all their migrant workers and laborers. He said the people of the country should be by their side now as they are fighting.

This time everyone should be in harmony

He further said that it is unfortunate that when the government stands by all sections of the society without any discrimination, some opposition parties try to disqualify them from politically unnecessary politics on almost every issue. He also said that everyone should come forward to cooperate with patience and sensitivity in the way people have fought. Then there will be some relief.