The first case of African swine flu from Assam, death of 2500 pigs, people have no fear


BanglaHunt Desk: Coroner (COVID-19) is on the verge of African swine flu in panic. As of Sunday, about 2,500 pigs had died in 307 villages in seven districts of Assam. Assam Animal Husbandry Minister Atul Bora has said that despite the approval of the central government, action will not be taken immediately to kill the pigs. We need to find a way to stop the spread of this contagious disease. However, Corona has nothing to do with African swine flu. It does not affect people.

Pigs that are not infected need to be saved

Bora said that according to the statistics of 2019, the number of pigs in the state was 2.1 million, which has now increased to 3 million. Experts are talking about how to save pigs from African swine flu. A strategy has been developed to protect pigs that are not infected. Only infected pigs will be killed. And samples will be collected within 1 km of the infected area.

The infection is spread by pork, saliva, blood and tissues

According to Bora, testing in three labs in Guwahati alone will not suffice. So the authorities have been asked to contact the health department. The virus is spread by pork, saliva, blood and tissues. Thus, pigs will not be transferred from one district to another. Exports of pigs from the state to neighboring states will be banned.

The virus does not cause any harm to humans

The swine flu in Africa started in April last year in Shijong, China. Shijong borders Arunachal Pradesh. It is feared that the African swine flu virus first came to Assam via Arunachal Pradesh. Most stray pigs have been infected. However, infections have also been found in pigs along with farms.

The amount of pig deaths

Already 2500 pigs have died. Of which 230 pigs of one farmer died. Earlier, his employee's pig also died. So it is feared that the virus reached the farm through that employee. It was also seen on a few other farms. This means that the virus also spreads to humans. Although it is feared to spread through humans, there is no possibility of human harm.