The first flight is coming to the country from America, a friend of India next to India in Corona

BanglaHunt Desk: As soon as the second wave of Corona hit India, various countries came to India’s side and stood as friends, of which America is now on India’s side. Despite some problems in the first phase, US President Joe Biden has come forward to help India.

He also promised to be by the side of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a phone call. According to Biden, a plane loaded with essential items left the US for India on Wednesday night. About িয়ন 100 million worth of corona products are coming to India from the US.

Last year, when America became a death knell in the first wave of the Corona, India stood by it like a friend. Now it’s America’s turn to repay the loan. Already, Travis, the world’s largest US Air Force base, has flown the first aircraft carrying medical supplies to India.

According to USAID sources, California has provided 440 oxygen cylinders and regulators. USAID is sending 9 lakh 80 thousand rapid diagnostic test kits. Also sending 1 lakh N-95 masks for first line Corona fighters. 1 thousand oxygen cylinders are coming from America, which can be used by 320 health workers.

On the day of India’s crisis, the world’s first US Travis Air Force Base took off for India. The Secretary of Defense thanked Travis Air Force Base. He said, ‘Thank you very much for taking the necessary medical supplies from USAID to India. We are committed to being at the forefront of India’s healthcare workers in these difficult times. “