The first person to receive the Pfizer corona vaccine was a 90-year-old British woman

Bengali Hunt Desk: Last week, the British government approved Pfizer's corona vaccine. And that's how the work of vaccinating the general public against corona started from today. And Margaret Kinan, 90, became the first person in the world to receive the first vaccine of Pfizer's corona vaccine.

Margaret will turn 91 next week. He is a resident of Aniskelen, Northern Ireland, but currently lives in Coventry. After being vaccinated, Margaret said, ‘I am very happy with the corona vaccine as the first person. It's a birthday present to me. I spent the whole year almost alone. I hope I can spend the new year with my family. '

Margaret was first vaccinated by May Parsons, a nurse at a local hospital. Margaret also thanked May and all the health workers in the country for this. The British government said in a statement on Wednesday that it had approved the vaccine, a joint venture between Bioentech and Pfizer.

Meanwhile, Pfizer's Indian unit has appealed to the Indian Comptroller General of Indian Medicine for emergency use of the corona vaccine made by their UK branch in India. Note that coronavirus vaccination is not mandatory in Britain.