The football league started in Turkmenistan without paying any attention to Corona, and many spectators showed up on the field.


Corona terror is happening all over the world right now. At the moment the whole world is spending the day in a state of lockdown, in which all kinds of sports are closed. All kinds of football competitions have been stopped by FIFA. In the meantime, the closed football league started in Turkmenistan without caring about the corona virus. Even more than five hundred spectators were present on the field to watch the match of that football league.

The eight-team football tournament was postponed by the Turkmenistan Football Federation in March, when the corona virus began to spread around the world. But within a few months, when the corona virus took a terrible turn around the world, the then-closed football league was reopened by the Turkmenistan Football Federation.

The Turkmen administration has given full support to launching this football league. The Turkmen administration says we suspended the Football League when the Corona virus began to take effect around the world. But now we can't find Corona attack in our country, so we started this Football League again. Standing in the moment where the entire world is fighting Corona in unison, such behavior in Turkmenistan has been criticized around the world.

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