The future of Coroner in India will be understood in the next 5 days, said AIIMS


BanglaHunt Desk: The number of people affected by Corona (COVID-19) is increasing in India even in lockdown. So far, the number of victims has exceeded 3,000 and the death toll is 125. In the meantime, the Union Health Ministry has said that the number of coronary cases in India is much under control. However, the future of India depends on what the future holds in the next 3-5 days, said Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS).

The number of coronas infected and dead is increasing at this time around the world. However, India still has a much lower infection rate than other countries in the world. The government has said the rate of infection has declined in the past few days. However, what will happen in India in the future is the deadly virus, said Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of AIMS. He said, “There are several trials going on to determine whether the drug can be used to prevent coronary virus. Along with that, we are also thinking of plasma therapy. With plasma therapy, a coronary infected person is able to prevent coronary antibodies in his body. Then the healthy person's body is taken to plasma and given to another infected body. “

He added, “There are very few coronary infections in India at present. Is within a certain range. If this threshold is not exceeded, the graph of coronary infection in India will not rise. However, there may be hotspots in some places. Coronary infection rate is very low in the last few days. However, if the rate of infection decreases, it will be possible to control the situation. However, everything will be cleared within the next 2-3 days.

A second round of lockdown has been issued to prevent coronary infection in India. During this time, some places have been identified as hotspots and completely sealed. In those areas, the delivery of emergency goods to the citizens is being done free of charge by the government.

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