The Ganges has become extremely clear in Haridwar, and environmentalists are also surprised


Locked down, everyone in the country is now a house prisoner. The country's road empty environment is healthy. According to environmental scientist BD Joshi, it has been a long time since the Ganges water has been cleaned for so long. Ongoing nationwide lockdown has led to a sharp decline in industrial and tourism activities.

Other officials, such as the Regional Officer of the State Pollution Control Board (PCB), have said that there is a visible difference in water quality. Another PCB official said the water from Haridwar could be purified and then used for drinking.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken strong action. He has locked down the service for the next 20 days, to keep it normal and under control. About twenty-five days have passed. The number of victims is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Now the lock down is increasing as time goes on. Several states are extending the lockdown period until May 3.

The Ganges River's water has dropped by five hundred percent in total dissolved solids (TDS), flow of effluent and sewage from hotels and lodges.

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