The girl and her girlfriend got into a heated argument over the sharing of Maradona’s precious diamond ring.


Bangla Hunt Desk: Legendary footballer Diego Maradona passed away a few days ago. Several controversies have been created since Maradona’s death. Who will get Maradona’s property? Who will get the money left by Maradona? There is a fierce battle going on which has not stopped yet. In the meantime, a new conflict broke out between Maradona’s daughter and his girlfriend.

A precious diamond ring of the late legendary footballer Diego Maradona cannot be found. The value of which may be more than two crore rupees in Indian currency. And this has started a tussle between Maradona’s daughter and girlfriend. Since the ring cannot be found, Maradona’s daughter and girlfriend are accusing each other of stealing.

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In 2018, Belarusian club Dynamo Maradona was given that precious ring as the Best Footballer award. It is known that since then Maradona has been sleeping with the ring under his pillow. And the ring has not been found since Maradona’s death. Maradona’s girlfriend Veronica Ojeda alleged that the ring was embezzled by her daughter Giannin after Maradona’s death. Giannin, on the other hand, alleged that his girlfriend Veronica Ojeda had removed the ring before her father’s death.