The girl sang ‘mosquito song’ on the lines of saffron song, people said – only this was left to be heard


केसरिया गाने की तर्ज पर लड़की ने गाया

The girl sang ‘mosquito song’ on the lines of saffron song

Funny Singing Video: Who does not like watching movies or listening to songs. Yes, the choice of people is definitely different. Some people like old songs and some like to listen to new songs. However, people have different choices even in new songs. Some people like to listen to loud songs while some like slow and meaningful songs. Brahmastra You must have heard the song ‘Kesariya’ from the film. This is also a very beautiful song, which people have liked a lot. Now on the lines of this song a girl hasmosquito song‘ made and hummed, whose video viral Happening. This song is such that you will stop laughing after listening to it.

In the video you can see that the girl is making video with mobile in her hands and humming ‘mosquito song’. The lyrics of his song are something like, ‘You are born everywhere, don’t know why so much, you torture us. No matter how much we cover ourselves, don’t know, still you keep on attacking. O mosquito, you have drunk blood, go away, otherwise you will be killed. The girl has sung this fun song with great rhythm and expression. He has written and sung the song very well. Now you tell me, if you don’t laugh after listening to this ‘mosquito song’ then what else will.

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This fun ‘mosquito song’ has been shared by the girl herself on her social media platform Instagram with an ID named voiceofkajal, which has been viewed more than 1 lakh 40 thousand times so far, while more than 7 thousand people have liked the video. Have also liked and made various funny comments.

One user has written, ‘Wow what a song’, while another user has written, ‘That’s all it was left to hear’. Similarly, another user has written that ‘Now I will also kill mosquitoes by singing this song’, while one has written that ‘A mosquito makes a human a singer too’.

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