The girl seen in the picture grew up to become a drama queen, changed religion and married, then sent her husband to jail, did you recognize?


तस्वीर में दिख रही बच्ची बड़ी होकर बन गई ड्रामा क्वीन, धर्म बदल कर शादी की, फिर पति को पहुंचाया जेल, पहचाना क्या?

Rakhi SawantImage Credit source: Instagram

Celeb Childhood Photo: often on social media Bollywood The latest pictures of stars keep going viral. However, sometimes some old or childhood photos of those stars also become a part of the headlines. At the same time, people also like those old pictures of stars very much. Here we are showing you a picture of an actress, which is from her childhood. Will you be able to recognize them?

You can see the childhood photo of the actress we are talking about below. It can be seen that she is looking very cute, as well as her big hair is visible, which is probably applied from above. Looking at this photo, can you identify who this girl is? If not, then let us give you some such hints, by which you may be able to identify it.

Rakhi Childhood

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called drama queen

The actress whose photo is this, in today’s time, she remains in the headlines of social media. He is known for his outspoken style. She is seen speaking on every issue. People on social media call her drama queen.

Last year, this actress was in a lot of headlines regarding her personal life. She had married a Muslim man. She changed her religion for marriage and changed her name to Fatima. Later, the actress had filed a case against her husband for cheating, after which her husband also had to go to jail.

Rakhi Sawant Childhood Pics

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Know the name of the actress

Let me tell you, this little girl is none other than Rakhi Sawant, who married Adil Khan last year. Rakhi herself once shared many childhood pictures on Instagram, which still go viral from time to time. You can see in these pictures that Rakhi used to look very cute in her childhood.

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