The girls had not eaten for three days, had reached home to call the PMO


Many people are now detained in this coroner's situation. They are not eating properly. But in Bhagalpur, Bihar, a 3-year-old girl named Gauri and her two younger sisters, Asha and Kumkum, did not eat for almost three days.

They have been hungry for the past three days, it is reported that their parents are no longer alive, neighbors have not felt the need to give them bread. 3-year-old Gauri reported that her parents used to do laundry, but after her death, she survived the dishes in order to feed her stomach.

After three days of hunger, three days later the three hungry girls call the central government's help desk 1800118797 issued for COVID-19. Informs them all about the situation.

And within an hour of the incident, the officers reached the girls with food. And the happiness of their mouths on getting food. And since the incident became public, it has garnered praise for everyone.

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