The good news is that after selling Narendra Modi's appeal, the sale of pottery has increased.


Bangla Hunt Desk: Coroner (COVID-19) is facing India in crisis. And in the crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested that the police personnel, health workers, and people associated with essential services be allowed to leave the house at 5am on Sunday, April 7 at 5 pm. Prime Minister Modi said that this light will unite the countrymen to remove the darkness of coronation.

Following the Prime Minister's request, the demand for lamps at Kumor Mandi, along the IT intersection of Uttar Pradesh's capital, has suddenly increased. According to Babu Butterfly of Kumor Mandi, the lockdown almost stopped his lamp making. But after the request of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, again the soil lamp has started buying. The past stocks are all gone and Bablu and his family have started the work of lighting a new lamp in the house.

Bablu said that after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call, the country should hope together and all should unite to light the darkness of Corona. Not only in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the sale of clay lamps in all the cities of the state and even in the entire country has taken a surprising increase. Preparations are being made for April 7 everywhere in the country.

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