The good news is that the corona virus can be eliminated with a special gas

Bangla hUnt Desk: The name of Ozone gas has come up as a temporary preventer of Corona virus. The whole world is now trying to protect themselves from the corona virus infection. When will this disease be eradicated from the whole world? No one has the answer to this question. So every day people are engaged in the work of their daily life with the fear of death in hand.

How can you not be inactive?

Scientists around the world are working to find a cure for this epidemic. However, despite Russia's success, the rest of the country is still in the final stages of the trial. But in the meantime, Japanese scientists gave a strange news. This epidemic corona virus will be inactivated by ozone gas.

Opinions of Japanese scientists

Scientists in Japan are saying this with evidence in hand. Scientists at Fujita Health University say that a gas with a density of 1-6ppm is harmful to humans. But if the density of low density ozone gas is 0.05-01 parts per million, then it will not be harmful to humans, on the contrary, it will be able to inactivate the corona virus. This means that low-density ozone gas can kill the corona virus without harming humans.

How to use this gas

To test this, scientists used ozone generators in a house with a large population. The results of the test showed that after about 10 hours, about 90 percent of the corona virus was eliminated in that room. Therefore, scientists say that by applying low-concentration ozone gas in places where many people congregate together, the corona virus can be eradicated without causing any harm to humans.

This process of applying ozone gas has already been used in the hospital of Fujita Medical University in Aichi prefecture in central Japan. This ozone generator has been installed in multiple wards and waiting rooms of the hospital.

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