The good news is that the Digha-Puri train is being launched in Bengal in a day or two

BanglaHunt Desk: The Indian Railways has brought a great good news for the travel thirsty Bengalis before Pujo. Many demanded that at least Digha and Puri trains should be started before Pujo. The people of Bengal have spent a long time under house arrest in Corona. Travel-thirsty Bengalis forgot the taste of traveling in the mountains and the sea.

The good news was given by the railway authorities

Although the lockdown was relaxed, travel was hampered by railway authorities. Due to the lack of adequate trains, the people of Bengal could not even go to the place of their choice. Their lives became lip service from home. This time, following the demand of the people, several special trains are being launched on the Howrah-Sealdah route from tomorrow.

Take a look at which trains will run

The Ranchi Shatabdi Express will be launched from tomorrow, October 15. The Digha Puri-bound train will be launched from October 16. These trains will start running on a daily basis from now on. The Special Steel Express will also be launched again from the 18th. Howrah-Ernakulam Via Kathpati Express and Ranchihatiya Special will be launched from Howrah every Saturday from October 16. Even the Howrah-Yashwantpur Weekly Express will start running from the 19th.

The joy of traveling with the joy of Durga Pujo. The corona vaccine is coming again at the end of the year or at the beginning of the new year. Even after many days of corona panic, people have started dreaming of opening their lives. Advance booking of travel has also started.