The government has decided to exempt special cases in lockdowns across India


BanglaHunt Desk: A directive has been issued by the Home Ministry regarding some rules of lockdown. Where the citizens have been told how this second round lockdown will take place. Lockdown on some things will be relaxed for the benefit of the people. There will be discounts on certain topics starting April 25th.

Before the end of the first round of lockdowns in India, the chief ministers of various states have requested to extend the lockdown deadline. The central government accepted their request. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on April 7 and said that a second round of lockdown would be issued till May 7. He sought the help of the citizens in the second round as in the first round. But in some cases the lockdown also reported relaxation.

All work included in the MNREGA project will be relaxed from the lockdown. There will also be exemptions on animal husbandry, banking services, women's ashram, widow ashram, orphanage ashram, granny ashram. However, the exemption will be granted as directed by the Chief Secretary of the State. Discounts on e-commerce matters, courier services, cold stores, private security services, hotels, lodges will also be discounted.

Will be closed – Social and political meetings, religious places, places of prayer will be closed until May 7. Cinema halls, swimming pools, shopping malls will also be closed with a view to protecting citizens. Like the first phase of the lockdown, the international and foreign airlines, rail services will be closed in the second phase. However, a small discount may be given in agriculture. In addition, those who are going out of the house in need of the necessary things, they must use masks. And those in the car going to the emergency service, only two people in a car. Maintain social distance.

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