The gram panchayat donated Rs 1 crore to the Corona Relief Fund after Prime Minister Modi's address.


Bengali Hunt Desk: A village in Haryana set a record in donations to the government to fight the war against Corona. Not one or two lakhs, the whole village donated one crore rupees. Machhgar Village Panchayat of Faridabad district of Haryana is garnering praise for this donation. The villagers decided to make the donation after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the panchayats yesterday. On the National Panchayat Day, April 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the panchayats. On Saturday, village chief Naresh Kumar handed over a check of Tk 1 crore to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund in the hands of Prithla Assembly MLA Nayanpal Rawat.

The MLA said the check was delivered to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund through the district deputy commissioner. Other gram panchayats should also be inspired by this. Today the whole country is fighting the Corona epidemic, and in the midst of this crisis the village of Machhgarh has created new patterns.

Rawat said that the people of Prithla assembly constituency are completely observing the lockdown. They are doing their duty towards the country while maintaining social distance. And this is why the corona virus was not found in one of the villagers.

The way in which social organizations, gram panchayats, people are coming forward to cooperate with the country and the state government in this time of crisis is commendable. And don't unite people in such a way that will help defeat the epidemic. He praised Machhgarh Gram Panchayat and said it was the first panchayat in Faridabad district to provide such financial assistance. And because of this panchayat, the name of the people of the whole area has become bright.

Haryana farmers have also donated Rs 7 lakh to the Corona Relief Fund. Farmers of almost every district have set an example by contributing money to this fund. And this is the first time in all of India that a gram panchayat has given money to the Corona Fund in such a way.