The great achievement of Indian scientists working in America: Oxygen will be created from the salt water of Mars

BanglaHunt Desk: An Indian scientist working in the United States has developed a new system. With this system, it will be possible to make oxygen and hydrogen from the salt water present on Mars. In other words, this newly discovered system by Indian scientists based in the United States can lead to a more advanced way of thinking about Mars in the future.

Scientists say that despite being a very cold planet, water does not freeze there like ice. Due to which it is believed that the water of Mars contains a large amount of salt. As a result, water cannot turn into ice.

The new system was invented by Vijay Ramneni, an Indian professor at the University of Washington in the United States. Before working on this system on Mars, the professor tested it at a temperature below 0-36 degrees Celsius. In this regard, he said, by dividing the water of Mars at the present time, our electrolyzer will take Mars and the next mission much further.

This newly discovered system by Professor Vijay Ramneni is equally effective on Mars as well as on Earth. This system can also be used where there are marine oxygen and hydrogen streams. The system developed by Professor Vijay Ramneni's laboratory is capable of producing 25 times more oxygen and hydrogen.