The great breakdown between China and Italy's friendship, Italy demands compensation from China

BanglaHunt Desk: The closest friend of theirs is Italy, who is speaking out against China (Chaina) about the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Two months ago, they had a deep friendship. But now the Corona virus has broken that friendship. Italy claims China is responsible for their consequences today. Because China has kept secrets of various things at different times. And now they have made even bigger mistakes by hiding from everyone about the Corona virus. Now, it is Italy's hottest politicians now claiming the World Damage against China.

At present, China has several business issues associated with Italy. But if China does not want to give this World Damage, then China can suffer a great loss. The World Damage Hall – The country that does most of the damage in the war, claims to compensate for the loss of that country from the invading country. More than 3,000 people have died in Italy as a result of China's coronary virus, and this is similar to a war. So now China is demanding from them the compensation.

The people of Italy are currently very angry with China. Their claim is that their loss is nothing less than a war situation. China has harmed the entire world by hiding the virus. So they are obliged to pay this compensation. Italy is calling on China to pay financial compensation to the families of their dead people.

Italian laws are very strict. If China does not compensate Italy for it, then Italy can cancel the project that is stuck in Italy. Again, if China accepts Italy's claim, it will prove that the Corona virus has spread throughout the world in China's negligence. China is currently in trouble.

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