The groom had fun at the time of Jaimala, then seeing what the bride did, you will also say- Awesome


Viral: दूल्हे को जयमाला के वक्त सूझी मस्ती, फिर दुल्हन ने जो किया देख आप भी कहेंगे- Awesome

The bride won over the cute actImage Credit source: Instagram/@bridal_lehenga_designn

Jaimala Viral Video: Jaimala is very important in weddings. However, with time, there have been many changes in this ritual. Now the groomBride To make this moment even more memorable, they have started doing something exciting. Some perform amazing dance, while some do not allow each other to garland easily. However, such incidents often happen on this occasion, which is enough to attract the attention of the people.

Now watch this video related to Jaimala. In this, the groom starts hitting style in front of the bride at the last moment. But the bride is also no less. In the video, you can see that the bride is standing on the stage with a garland, but the groom starts having fun. He starts smiling while standing at a distance. Then what was left. The bride also takes the garland and sits on the Maharaja’s chair. Seeing this, the groom becomes soft and then comes and sits next to the bride. After this, whatever the bride does, seeing that you will also say – what a lot of revenge has been taken.

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Watch here, the video of the groom having fun during Jaimala

This very cute video of the bride and groom has been shared on the account named @bridal_lehenga_designn on Instagram. The bride has won the hearts of the netizens with her cute act. People are liking this video very much and they are enjoying it. Within a few hours, the video has received hundreds of likes so far, while people are also registering their reactions after watching the video.

One user commented, Very nice. What a wonderful technique the bride has taken. At the same time, another user has written, he has done amazing things. Some people are also reacting through emoji.

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