The gym trainer said to the boy – lift 210 kg, otherwise I will beat him with a stick; people got angry after watching the video


Viral: लड़के से जिम ट्रेनर बोला- 210 किलो उठा, वरना सिर पे मारूंगा डंडा; वीडियो देख भड़क गए लोग

The video is being told of a gym in Gurugram.Image Credit source: Twitter/@GabbbarSingh

Who doesn’t love drooling with a handsome body? However, to achieve this, it is very important to work hard and be disciplined towards your workout. You must have seen that some people turn to the gym, but give up in front of the strictness of the trainer. But there are some trainers who follow you and make you do routine workouts. For now, something like Video Has surfaced on social media. But netizens are furious after seeing the clip. People did not like the behavior of the gym trainer.

This video is being told of a gym in Gurgaon (now Gurugram) of Haryana. In this you can see a young man lifting heavy weights. At the same time, the gym staff is supporting him from behind. The gym trainer is also standing next to him. According to the text written in the video, the young man tries to lift 210 kg with the help of his shoulder, but fails. On this, the gym trainer with a stick in his hand threatens the young man that if he does not lift the weight, he will hit this stick on his head. Not only this, the trainer also hits the young man on the head with his hand.

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Watch the video of gym trainer here

Social media users are furious after seeing this video. He says that in the name of strictness, this gym trainer is misbehaving with the young man. People have also raised the question that if he has a slipped disc, then who will take the responsibility?

Twitter handle @GabbbarSingh, a user named Gabbar has shared the video, wondering how the guys do pushups on top of moving vehicles in Gurgaon? More than seven and a half lakh views have come on the 37-second clip, while dozens of people have commented. One says, if this was my trainer, I would have started crying. At the same time, another user has written, if something happens to the person, who will take responsibility for it. Another user has written, he will agree by getting the body made.

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