The hard decision to stop Corona from Whatsapp,


BanglaHunt Desk: World Health Organization statistics show that more than five million corona virus infections have been recorded in 12 countries. Lockdown is taking place in many countries around the world. At this point, the idea of ​​Corona is going through social media. Rumors are spreading from where. Information says WhatsApp is the medium to spread the most rumors. Whatsapp has made the difficult decision to stop the rumors.

WhatsApp says they have reset the message forwarding limit. The app is believed to have taken this step to prevent misleading information about the coroner virus. WhatsApp placed the 'Frequently Forwarded' tag five or more forwarded messages, which appeared with the message. But now the limit has been reduced and the message can only be forwarded to a chat.

WhatsApp is going to implement this new rule all over the world from today. The social media has also introduced new features to check forwarded messages.

WhatsApp says the number of forwarded messages has decreased by 25% after setting a limit of only five forward messaging to just five people. Now that number is expected to decrease, Facebook-owned messaging app. In third world countries, including India, where education is scarce, rumors spread like this through social media. Which is difficult for the administration to handle.

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