The Home Ministry warned the Rohingya about the Rohingyas not returning to the camp by participating in Tablig!


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Rohingya Muslims are likely to aggravate the coronary crisis in the country. The Home Ministry (MHA) has alerted several state governments on the matter. According to the MHA, many have not yet returned to camp by attending tabloid jams. These camps are located in Punjab, Delhi and Jammu. The Home Ministry has ordered all states to trace them.

Let me tell you, in the cases of increased coronary infection in the country, the Union Home Ministry has written to the state government about the corona connection. The Home Ministry wrote to the DGP, the chief secretary of all states, seeking to find Rohingya Muslims.

The Home Ministry mentioned in the letter that Rohingya Muslims participated in some of the Tabligh events. Many of them have the potential for coronary infection. Rohingya Muslims from Hyderabad and Telangana participated in the Tabatug ceremony in Mabat. Along with this, they also went to Nizamuddin Markaz.

In this way, the Rohingya Muslims of Delhi's Karma Vihar and Shaheenbagh who participated in the Nizamuddin Morakaz did not return to their camps. In this way, refugees from the Rohingya camps in Punjab and Jammu attended the religious event of Tablig. And for this reason, the Union Home Ministry has issued orders to begin the process of tracing the Rohingya in all states.

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