The housewife jumped into the river with a smile and shared the last video before she died

Banglahunt Desk: Although taking and giving bribe is a heinous crime, torturing the bride without getting the dowry has become a common occurrence today. No matter how many laws are passed against this incident, no matter how many steps are taken, at present a housewife has committed suicide for this reason.

The incident took place in Jalore, Rajasthan. In 2016, Ayesha, daughter of Liaquat Ali, a tailor from Ahmedabad, got married to Arif Khan, a resident of Jalore, Rajasthan. Ayesha has been tortured in various ways for dowry since her marriage. Even after paying money from the father’s house, the people of the father-in-law’s house did not suffer. Unable to do so, the oppressed housewife chose the path of suicide. The whole incident made the citizens tremble.

Ayesha’s father Liaquat Ali said that after his marriage in 2016, his son-in-law Arif Khan left his daughter with them many times for dowry money. Even after explaining and sending the girl to her father-in-law’s house, unspeakable torture was going on there. Finally, in 2019, when the girl was sent with one and a half lakh rupees as they demanded, after remaining silent for some time, the torture started again.

The people of Arif’s house became more greedy and violent after receiving the dowry money. Ayesha was often beaten by them. He even talked about committing suicide. In the end, Ayesha accepted defeat in this battle of life. On February 25, he called his parents and recorded a video of them talking for the last time. Laughing there, Ayesha also said that she would release her husband. The video was then sent to the in-laws’ mobile phones. Then Sabarmati jumped into the river and committed suicide.

Ayesha’s father informed the police as soon as he got the phone call from his daughter, but the last defense did not take place. Riverfront West police found evidence of Ayesha’s last phone call and her outburst against her father-in-law in the video. Police are now investigating the incident and arresting Ayesha’s husband.