The human form of Mohun Bagan! Mohun Bagan supporters saved lives with blood.


Humanity has not been erased from the earth, humanity is still alive in the heart of the earth. And that is why we can still see the appearance of many gods in human form. Such an incident took place in Calcutta. Jayant Ghosh jumped without thinking about himself to save the life of Ritwik Ghosh.

Mohun Bagan supporter Ritwik Ghosh is suffering from thalassemia. He has already been admitted to the hospital. In such a situation his blood was suddenly needed. There is also a shortage of blood in the lockdown market where medicines are not available properly. And for that reason, the priest's father was lost in the thought of how to collect blood for his son. In such a situation, he told the boy's friends that he needed blood.

Then friends formed a WhatsApp group. Everyone in the WhatsApp group was asked to donate blood. Upon learning this, many blood donors agreed to donate blood. One such Mohun Bagan supporter, Jayant Ghosh, saved the life of Ritwik Ghosh with his blood. Ritwik Ghosh's father Gautam Ghosh said it was virtually impossible to collect blood during the lockdown. I did not get blood even after visiting many places. Then I told the Mohun Bagan supporters I needed my blood. They immediately agreed to donate blood. I will be forever grateful to the Mohun Bagan supporters for saving my son's life with the blood of the Mohun Bagan supporters.