The humanity of Pakistani people has died! Ran away after looting bananas from a poor child – VIDEO


मर गई पाकिस्तानी लोगों की इंसानियत! गरीब बच्चे से केले लूटकर भाग निकले-VIDEO

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Pakistan Viral Video: inside a person humanity It is very important to have Humanity means that if someone is in trouble, then he must be helped. Although, in today’s time, such humanity is seen in very few people, otherwise today’s world social media Has happened. People just keep making videos seeing others in trouble, but no one steps forward to help them. Not only this, helping the poor is also called humanity, but nowadays there is a problem on social media. video viral It is happening, in which some people are seen tearing humanity apart.

Actually, a boy is selling bananas, but instead of buying bananas from him, people start stealing and running away. One by one people keep picking up bananas and are slipping away without giving money. In the video you can see how much crowd has gathered near the banana cart. It looks as if a small boy had come to sell bananas, but the mob loots all his bananas. People go on picking bananas and run away from there. By the time the boy who came to sell bananas thought about something, his cart was almost empty. People had run away after picking up bananas.

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It is being claimed that this scene is from Pakistan, where people looted bananas from a boy who came to sell bananas. This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @crazyclipsonly. This video of just 40 seconds has been viewed more than 3 lakh 56 thousand times, while more than 4 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, expressing surprise after watching this video, users have also given different reactions. After seeing this scene of looting bananas, someone is calling Pakistan a ‘beggar country’ and someone is saying that look how much Pakistan is being insulted.

Note: TV9 does not endorse this video. It is going viral on social media, in which it is being claimed that people in Pakistan robbed the boy of bananas.

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